Masterclass - Algae Control
Algae control is a hot topic in the aquarium hobby. With time moving on, many new techniques and methods to control algae have been invented, from refugiums to algae scrubbers and the trusted water change. With all of these new ways to cope with algae, generally taking a look at the root of the problem is the best way to solve the issue at hand. Usually algae tends to grow because of excessive nutrients in your aquarium and is fuelled by light.

How we prevent algae growth:
- Correct photoperiod of lighting.
- Feeding the right amount to the aquarium.
- Having a good amount of biological filtration.
- Having good mechanical filtration.
- Having the appropriate sized protein skimmer (marine).
- Keeping the livestock levels in your tank appropriate to your tank volume.
- Keeping your aquarium in a good condition ie. Clean pumps, glass, pipes etc.

The method we use to keep our aquariums is simple. Have the right equipment, stay on top of maintenance and give the inhabitants what they need. A good way to keep a hand on algae is also having creatures who consume algae such as fish and snails.
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