Tantora Beta Carotene

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Tantora Beta Carotene

Tantora Beta Carotene Sticks is a high quality 100% natural shrimp food that provides a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from of its natural ingredients. Tantora grow and produce natural and organic shrimp food and are the premium natural shrimp product brand in the world.

Tantora Beta Carotene is a 100% natural shrimp food that contains antioxidants and vitamin A, as well as assisting with an improvement of the immune response, reproduction, and growth.

Advantages of Tantora Beta Carotene Sticks:

  • Superb natural food source for all dwarf shrimps.
  • A high content of beta carotene.
  • A high content of Minerals & Vitamins.
  • Promotes immune response, reproduction, growth.

Feeding recommendation: 1 stick to about 15-20 shrimps

Contains: 25g, Dried Pumpkin, Carrot, Red Bell Pepper

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