RedSea Salt 7Kg

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Red Sea's Salt is the perfect salt for SPS dominant, ultra low nutrient systems and marine fish only aquariums. The salt is created by blending naturally harvested and evaporated water from the Red Sea that contains 45 minor and trace elements plus additional components formulated by Red Sea. This mix guarantees optimal levels of 57 elements necessary for not only sustainable, healthy, vibrantly coloured corals but healthy marine life in general.

  • Perfect salt mix to ensure healthy, outstanding vibrant colouration in all SPS corals where a very low nutrient system is being maintained
  • Also perfect for use in fish only systems
  • The water created by utilizing Red Sea Salt mimics natural reef water as closely as possible
  • Extremely easy to mix by utilizing RO water. Clear and concise instructions are shown on the outside of the bucket
  • A chart reflecting the levels of the major elements is also shown
  • Mixing levels are as follows: Approximately 400g of Red Sea Salt will create 10 liters of marine water at a salinity of 1.025. Once the required amount of water has been made, check the salinity levels with a refractometer and adjust if necessary
  • 7kg of Red Sea Salt will create 210 liters of marine water

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