Polyp Lab One Mg, Kh, Ca Supplement 500ML

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One Mg, Kh, Ca Supplement 500Ml

PolypLab One is engineered from two forms of acetate and hydroxide salts. When dosed, the calcium magnesium ions are freely available for uptake by corals, clams, and many other reef organisms. The acetate ions are metabolized by bacteria to create biologically available biocarbonate. The hydroxide salts provide further buffering capabilities.

- Does not elevate salinity.
- Does not contain calcium carbonate.
- Phosphate and silicate free.

Ingredients: Calcium Acetate, Magnesium Acetate, Hydroxide Salts

Contains Approximately: 70,000 mg/L Calcium, 16,000 mg/L Magnesium, 4,000 meq/L of Alkalinity

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