Maxspect Rsx R5-150W Led Light

Sale priceR 12,015.00


The new RSX lighting system incorporates the latest, improved LED technology originally pioneered by Maxspect in the R420r LED lighting range.

  • The RSX LED clusters contain 20 diodes making the unit far more powerful and versatile than its predecessor.
  • Power output is rated at 150w with the LED's providing lighting that is perfect for enhancing vibrant, healthy coral growth whilst creating a very natural reef look
  • Using well proven and time-tested technology, the high quality LED clusters are fitted with Mitsubishi acrylic lenses and reflectors manufactured by utilizing nano-blend technology to ensure excellent clarity and blend of light.
  • The striking, slimline, single piece chassis of the unit is manufactured from high grade aluminum that is both durable and corrosion resistant
  • The Maxspect RSX 150W Dimentions are 70cm x 26cm x 17cm and is recommended for a tank of between 700 to 950mm in length 
  • The RSX has four channels controlled either manually, via an inbuilt on-board controller and display, or wirelessly through the Syna-G app and ICV 6 controller which is sold separately 
  • For larger aquariums, more than one lighting unit may be linked together via the master / slave mode
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 700 x 260 x 170 mm weighing only 3,1 kg
  • Tank top, corrosion resistant mounting brackets are included.

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