Maxpect Razor 180W Led Reef Lighting Unit

Sale priceR 9,635.00


  • The Maxspect Razor 180w LED lighting unit is a powerful system that utilizes the latest in LED technology
  • This includes Cree XT-E and XP-E high output LED chips
  • These chips are arranged in two separate channels offering high performance and versatility
  • They deliver a very stable, evenly distributed (120 degree lenses), high PAR output
  • Delivering perfect colour temperature of 15000k along with high intensity, this unit will ensue that even the most difficult corals will thrive and show their best
  • The unit is of a modern, slimline design having the following dimensions: 690mm × 265mm x 25mm
  • It is fully programmable for up to 6 Time-Points. This allows users to program their own photo-period for their aquariums and fully control the intensity of light their aquarium will receive from dawn to dusk.  
  • The unit is cooled both passively and actively by making use of an extremely quiet fan
  • Installation is via tank top mounting arms or a suspension kit both of which are included

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