Calcium Plus 500G

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Calcium Plus 500G

Orca Labs SA Calcium PLUS Granulated – Corals absorb calcium along with other elements and fuse it with carbonates to form their hard skeletons. Calcium is vital for corals and depleted levels will prevent coral growth and eventually lead to a decline in the health of corals. Along with magnesium, strontium and carbonates, they form the basic building blocks of coral skeletal structures.

CalciumPLUS is a highly concentrated (150,000 mg/L) blend of biologically available ionic and gluconate calcium. Gluconate and ionic complexed calcium increases the bioavailability of the calcium and provides a rich source of metabolic energy for corals.

Calcium is vital for healthy growth in corals and for maintaining coral skeletons. In closed aquarium systems, calcium often becomes depleted or precipitated. Dosing CalciumPLUS as directed will raise and maintain calcium levels to those found in natural seawater.

CalciumPLUS contains no phosphate, silicate or nitrate and will prevent the precipitation of carbonate alkalinity.

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