Boyu Chiller L-200

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Boyu Chiller L-200

  • The Boyu 200L chiller unit is a highly effective and compact water cooler that is suitable for use with both salt and freshwater systems. Being only 397 x 329 x 465 mm in size, it is also easily concealed
  • The unit uses only 1/6 HP to effective control the temperature in tanks of between 90 and 500 liters
  • It is recommended that the water flow rate through the unit be between 800 and 2200 liters per hour
  • The special materials utilized during manufacture prevent corrosion and ensures durability of the unit
  • Using R-134a refrigerant, the unit is able to decrease water temperature rapidly from 35°C to 18°C or any required temperature within that range
  • The micro-computerized control system, fitted with a clear LED display, is situated within the front panel makes for easy operation and accurate control of the water temperature.
  • The unit is protected by an over current and overheating auto-protection system ensuring high levels of safety and reliability.
  • The unit is fitted with 16mm inlet and outlet pipe attachments

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