Boyu Canister Filter Fef-230

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Boyu Canister Filter Fef-230

  • External canister type filter designed for freshwater aquariums with volumes of between 100 to 200 liters
  • Low energy consumption motor (15w) provides a flow rate of 800 l/h with a maximum head height of 1.2m 
  • Three filter media trays to allow for a selection of biological and chemical filtration media
  • Mechanical filter media is included in the first media tray
  • Water inlet and outlet units are fitted with taps to allow easy and mess free removal of the hoses for cleaning purposes
  • Fitted with an easy start plunger unit to facilitate easy water flow start up
  • Piping, elbows, spray bar, output nozzle, uptake and output siphons, intake siphon cover, hose clips and suckers & pipe connectors included 
  • Power usage: 15w. Voltage: 230/115v. 50-60Hz.

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