Prodibio Fresh 30

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BioKit_Fresh, maintenance kit for planted aquariums

BioKit Fresh combines BioDigest (live purifying bacteria), BioVert (trace elements for plants) and BioTrace (micronutrients) for planted freshwater aquarium maintenance.

BioKit_Fresh information

Combines all the products needed to maintain a planted freshwater aquarium in the same pack.


- composed of live bacterial strains
- aquarium cleaning by waste matter digestion is helped by the presence of numerous different strains of heterotrophic bacteria
- nitrates and phosphates are reduced in your freshwater aquarium
- enables water to be effectively purified
- prevents the spread of filamentous algae
- converts ammonia into nitrites - nitrites into nitrates - and - nitrates into nitrogen


- contains all the microelements needed for aquarium life (amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins…)
- provides trace elements: sulphur for proteins, iron for plants and fish blood...
- dynamises the cellular metabolism of most of the bacteria living in fresh water aquarium
- BioTrace speedily accelerates the digestion of organic matter
- fIt also facilitates the elimination of nitrates and phosphatesty


- provides all the trace elements your plants need for strong and healthy growth, including directly bio-assimilable iron
- is nitrate and phosphate-free

When should BioKit_Fresh be used ?

  • To solve the poor growth of your plants
  • To start biological filtration in your freshwater aquarium


What volume What range  What dosage
121 to 200 liters Standard Vial 1 vial / 15 days
201 to 400 liters Standard Vial 2 vials / 15 days
401 to 600 liters Standard Vial 3 vials / 15 days
601 to 800 liters Standard Vial 4 vials / 15 days
801 to 1 000 liters Standard Vial
5 vials / 15 days

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