Aquaforest Reef Salt+ 22kg

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Aquaforest Reef Salt+ 22kg

For aquarists with fully stocked reef tanks, Reef Salt+ is an ideal salt for you. With elevated levels of ionically balanced key macronutrients such as alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium it was designed to keep up with even the most nutrient demanding and rapidly growing coral colonies. 

Unlike the natural reef environment with abundant levels of micro and macronutrients,  an aquarium is a closed ecosystem in which valuable micro and macro trace elements are constantly being consumed by corals at different rates. Continuous access to macronutrients is one of the most important aspects of keeping a healthy and stable reef aquarium. For those not dosing microelements individually, regular water changes with Reef Salt + will help provide these valuable elements back into the water at a balanced ratio for corals to absorb and aid in their growth, coloration, and immunity. 

What makes Reef Salt+ unique?

The unique formula of Reef Salt + was developed after years of research into the growth of corals at different parameters and colony sizes. As a result of our observations, we created this product for those with fully stocked tanks looking to meet the needs of their corals. 

  • Designed for aquariums fully stocked LPS and or SPS corals 
  • Increased levels of alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium levels  
  • The rich composition of trace elements allows you the reduction of additional dosing to correct for differences in water parameters

The key to the success of marine aquariums is stable parameters, so using Reef Salt+ when doing regular 10% water changes creates an optimal condition for the growth and development of corals. High-quality salt not only supports better growth, it also promotes the construction of new skeletons, ionic exchange, improves coloration, and the natural photosynthesis process.

Dosage and storage 

  • For best use, Reef Salt+ should be dissolved in RODI water at a temperature between 24-25°C (75-77°F) at a salinity of 33 ppt (1.025 S.G.)
  • Dissolve 390 grams of salt into 10 liters (2.19 US gal) of RODI water
  • Mix for approximately 15 minutes. Once completely dissolved, the saltwater is ready for immediate use
  • The dissolved salt should be used up within 3 days. Evaporation changes the parameters of the water, so keep the prepared saltwater tightly closed. If you store it  for several days, check its salinity before use
  • Safety data sheet available on request

Recommended salinity for different aquarium types:

Macro and micro elements in the water have different levels depending on the salinity:


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