Aquaforest AF OceanGuard 275

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Aquaforest AF OceanGuard 275


Modern technologies combined with years of aquarium experience allowed us to create the AF Aquariums. Each element of this carefully designed set has been created to meet the most rigorous quality standards. It is the result of cooperation between the best engineers and aquarists, with whom we’ve created the best reefing solutions. 

We decided to use Optiwhite™ glass and black silicone, specially developed for the purposes of marine aquariums and guaranteeing the highest water-tightness. The crystal clear glass does not distort the colors, is easy to clean and increased scratch-resistance. Pilkington Optiwhite™ is a low-iron super clear glass with no greenish tint, which is extremely important especially in thick glass marine aquariums. Ultra even surface is guaranteed by the highest quality manufacturing process and ensures no distortion providing perfect conditions to observe your corals. The black overflow box, bottom and rear glass guarantee high aesthetics. The removable weir comb is easy to clean, and due to the noise-cancelling cover, the water flow is almost inaudible. Professional foam ensures safety and enables easy installation of the aquarium on the cabinet. The appropriate thickness of the glass allowed us to create rimless aquarium while maintaining excellent light transmittance and full safety of the set.




  • no quality compromise – marine yacht technology applied
  • proper installation and thorough tests – hardwood plywood construction delivered assembled
  • high-resistance joints, connections, screws and hinges
  • waterproof materials only – no deformations or deflections
  • proper glass thickness and silicone created for reefing purposes
  • 10 times more durable!
  • 4 year warranty



  • designed by top aquarists focused on sharing their success with others
  • we know what’s important – efficient filtration guaranteed by adequate pipe diameters
  • quality gate valve to precisely adjust water levels
  • solutions developed to provide the most demanding corals optimal habitat
  • easy to clean & maintain
  • smartly designed cascading chambers to support filtration process
  • always be prepared – in case of blackout check valve prevents water from flowing into the sump



  • anti-vibration foam both on sump and display
  • self-leveling downflow with silencing cover on the overflow
  • smartly designed sump chambers to reduce waterflow noises
  • precise water level adjustment & noise-cancellation provided by gate valve


  • the highest transparency OptiWhite
  • doesn’t distort the colors, easier to keep clean
  • durable, rimless, with black silicone
  • tested for years by marine aquarists
  • appropriate thickness allowed to resign from reinforcements
  • black overflow, bottom and rear window
  • junction made of specialist aquarium silicone
  • professional anti-vibration foam

Plumbing and sump

  • durable PVC sump with dedicated hydraulics
  • high system output guaranteed by appropriate pipe diameters
  • cascade chambers with filter socks (replaceable with AF media reactors)
  • quick installation of plumbing, no gluing required!
  • emergency pipe (revision) and quality gate valve for precise adjustment
  • self-leveling, quiet downflow
  • check valve prevents water from flowing into the sump


  • 10 times more durable than other cabinets
  • construction made of waterproof high pressured plywood, doesn’t swell, does not absorb water, doesn’t deform
  • high cabinet provides adequate space
  • hinges made of the highest quality Japanese stainless steel (resistant to salt and chemicals)
  • minimalistic design
  • assembled by Aquaforest, guarantee of correct assembly and safety
  • waterproof with removable external panels (change the cabinet looks without moving the aquarium or disassembling the cabinet)
  • external panels with laser finish provide 20 years long UV resistance, no fading guaranteed! 
  • ultra strong A2 stainless steel screws
  • regulated legs to perfectly level the cabinet



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