Orca Labs Alkalinityplus 250G

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Orca Labs AlkalinityPLUS 250G

Corals grow by combining calcium ions with carbonate ions in the form of Aragonite. If there is a deficiency of either, the coral cease to grow and there will be a rapid decline in the health of the coral. Without carbonates, coral will not be able to utilize calcium, magnesium or strontium present in the water. It is carbonates that give coral the ability to take dissolved nutrients such as calcium and turn it into a hard skeleton.

AlkalinityPLUS is an optimized blend of the purest grades of carbonates and bicarbonates.

AlkalinityPLUS raises carbonate alkalinity without immediately impacting on pH and helps stabilize pH with continued use. Used as directed, AlkalinityPLUS will raise and maintain alkalinity to that found in natural seawater. AlkalinityPLUS contains no Phosphate, Silicate or Nitrate

Directions for Use

Dissolve half a level teaspoon (5ml) in a cup of purified water and add this to every 150 Litres of tank water per day until desired levels have been achieved. Maintain Alkalinity levels between 10dKH to 12dKH. Check alkalinity weekly with OAL’s Alkalinity test kit and adjust dosage or frequency accordingly. Do not raise alkalinity levels above 16dKH as this will cause calcium, magnesium and strontium to precipitate into an insoluble form.

AlkalinityPLUS contains a blend of carbonates & bicarbonates

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