Sobo Auto Dc Air Pump Ap-900

Sale priceR 163.00


  • The SOBO automatic Mini DC air pump is a single outlet, powerful, compact unit that is perfect for use in times when an emergency air supply is required.
  • Two 1.5V torch batteries are required (not included). These must be fitted into the battery bay as per the directions
  • The AP-900 is operated by plugging it directly into the 220V supply. This will activate the power sensor. When the 220V supply fails, the sensor will detect the lack of power and automatically switch the air pump on.
  • Once the 220V supply is restored, the sensor will detect that the power in on  and automatically turn the air pump off
  • The pump creates a powerful air output of 1 x 2 l/min
  • The pump will operate until the batteries are exhausted, it is disconnected or the 220V power supply is restored
  • Airline and an air stone is included
  • Please note: This air pump is for back up purposes only. It will not operate unless fitted with 2 x 1.5V torch batteries and plugged into the 220V power supply. The unit will not charge the batteries.   

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